In addition to marketing I also offer reviews.   It's easy breezy to get set up with me for this.  Just shoot me an email and let me know you'd love for me to review products for you.  It's not the same intense marketing I offer on the other pages, but it costs you nothing but the products & postage.  I'll also write reviews on your website or Facebook page.

I've been wanting to try a monthly subscription for a while now and finally decided on Vape Box!  I am loving it.  This is the most recent treasure haul.  Grizzly 60M Chocolate chip with milk.  Tastes just like you are eating the cookie.

Kilo raspberry.. perfect   Space Jam Meteor Milk Excellent Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup. 

Rainbow Mouth Apple & Berries Sour Belts Candies.. yummy

Sense Herakles III 24 so beautiful I bought a rainbow mod to match it. 

Give it a try with this link