You've created great ejuice. You have a website. You offer vaping hardware. You have wonderful customer service. You have a great business where you sale products.     YET very few people know about it!

You can have the world's greatest website / product but unless people know about it, they can not buy from you!  This is where I can help you.  

While there are a lot of programs out there telling you to buy followers and use automated software to build your network there is little to no evidence that this type of marketing works.  Actually, it’s counter productive as people are more aware of being sold to than ever.  With so many millions of people always clamoring at us to buy this and go here, most of those Tweets go unnoticed.

If you are new to Twitter you need my help. Until you have that first 2,000 following you things go very slowly. It takes time to build up your Twitter account and most importantly, to build up a network of people who read, comment and ReTweet what you post.   I have a Twitter account, @RealDonnaDeVane  (plus my daughter's account) where I have built a strong following of people who actually interact with me.  That’s what you want.  Twitter is Not about just blasting sales pitches out all day, it’s about interacting with others and inviting them to take part in your Twitter World!

What it means for YOU!  With Vaping Granny as your Brand Ambassador!  You Get Noticed!

 I share your Tweets on my accounts and if I have experience with your products or services I give a testimonial to how good they are.  This works great with my Vape accounts as I actually use the ejuice, mods, etc that I promote.  I can arrange to create a review video for you which I then promote several times a week on my  accounts. As your personal Brand Ambassador I give a personal touch to your product.  The most effective marketing is word of mouth, one person telling another how awesome your product is.  Why do you think Coke spends millions each year on branding? Because seeing actual people drinking the soda influences others subconsciously to crave the soda and the message is stored in the brain where each time they feel thirsty the brain pulls that advertisement memory to the foremost of their thinking.  This happens without our being aware of it, but it happens.

  Let me be totally honest.. you will not get rich over night using Twitter even with my help and I’m really good at this stuff.  You will however be able to build long lasting relationships with people who feel they know and trust you which always leads to more business. I am all about SUCCESS! Yours and Mine!  The internet makes it easy for us to THRIVE when we follow our dreams one step at the time believing in ourselves.

There is a reason why Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent pledged to increase media spending and brand-building initiatives by up to $1 billion by 2016. Coca-Cola spends $565 million on advertising in the U.S.  Branding & marketing works.. BUT ONLY if you invest in your own Success!

Vaping Granny is known, loved & listened to in the Twitterverse.  Her videos and juice recommendations are acted upon.  In other words people buy what Vaping Granny loves & promotes.  I (Vaping Granny) only talk about good juice.  People know this and expect that if I say it's good, that it's good.  As YOUR brand ambassador I will try out your juice, make a funny video about it and Tweet the firecrackers out of your website.  This is not about YouTube or reviews.  There are so many people doing those that it's just not all that effective for most juice makers.  You give away a lot of juice and get little in return.  I pull out all the stops for you.  Videos on three different platforms, Tweets on both my accounts (up to 100 a month during prime time), and a Facebook group where people are actually interested in what I say about YOUR Vape Business!

Just ADDED!  Now I will be including  Instagram & Live Video Broadcast for all Clients.  PLUS! Each client will have your logo rotated as a sponsor on my radio show videos along with a audio spot up to 1 minute during live broadcasts.  This is much more effective than just juice reviews. 

PLUS you will get a hyperlinked graphic on my radio station website & be mentioned as a sponsor.  These broadcasts go out on ITunes, TuneIn & can be heard 24/7 on my website as well. 

Check out @RealDonnaDeVane  

donnadevane on Instagram 

Brand Ambassador 

Someone who works with your business to market your product in an effective way. 

Vaping Granny promotes your vape business according to the personality of your established marketing, making suggestions for website, social networks and other ideas that help you to grow and Succeed!

Having your own Brand Ambassador on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live, & Live Facebook, actually SAVES you money while making you money!

I'll help you with the Four Steps of online marketing.

Branding.. letting people get to know you through visual images on social networks.

Relationship.. people get to know you as someone who cares.

Trust.. they feel they know you, can depend on you to be honest.


Now that you are willing to be successful email me with your name, phone number and best time for me to call you.  I will create a program that works best for you.    I customize each promotion to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. Ready? Let’s Talk!

New clients who pay for 3 months get a one hour walk through on how to use Twitter & other social networks more effectively! I'll work with you to help you grow your own social network relationships. 

Go ahead and click the Buy Now button so we can get started or send me an email .

Payment is $150.00 per month, paid in either three month or six month amounts.

 I am now offering a Dual Marketing Team!  Vaping Shrimp PLUS Vaping Granny!  Ask me for details!

The FDA has plans about the vaping industry, do you have a plan for your own success?  Let's work together to get your ejuice in front of people so they can buy it.  If they don't know about you, they will never buy.  Your success is in YOUR hands!

Three Months Social Network Marketing

$ 450.00 USD

When you pay for 3 months you also get a one hour phone call where I work with you to customize your marketing efforts and help you grow your own networks. Cost is $450.00

Six Months Marketing

$ 850.00 USD

When you commit to six months, not only do you save $50.00, but you get monthly phone updates. With these phone calls we can discuss new products, marketing materials and new ideas. Price is $850.00 This is the best of the best. Not only do I do marketing for you, but guide you to your own use of social networks.