Here are a few basic tips for better social network marketing.  I'll be adding to them, so check back often.
1.  Do NOT ever spam!  Spamming is posting your sales pitch on someones Facebook or group etc without permission.  I know it's tempting to jump on a band wagon someone else has moving, but it's a big no no in social networks.  It's a sure fire way to get banned and for people to not trust you.  

2.  If you use a scheduling tool to welcome followers don't try to sale with it.  Say hello, ask a question to get people into conversation with you.  Show your interest in people.  The fastest turn off is to get a sales pitch right after following someone on a social network. 

3.  Don't have one sale after another.  People start thinking if you can sale it for that why not reduce your price.  When you do have a sale make it a really HUGE deal.  

4.  Think about rewarding your customers.  A drawing once a month of a 120m or larger bottle of juice is a great incentive for people to buy.  State that purchases must be at least a 30 m to qualify.

5.  Give store credit for customers who come back and leave an insightful review.  It needs to be longer than a few words. 

6.  Create a # hashtag for your business, use it often and follow it.  Enter into conversation with people who use it. 

7.  Have social network share buttons on all your webpages.  Encourage people to use them.  Hey, before your go, click those share buttons! :)

8.  All contests, give a ways, etc. must direct people to your email list.  Without that you can't market to them in the future.