You just might have a few questions.. so this page will answer a few I've been asked.

1. Q,  How often do I pay?  A.  Once every three or six months depending on the option you choose. 

2. Q. How often will you Tweet my vape shop?   A.  Several times per day, every day for the length of time you pay for.  I space them all out. 

3.  Q.  How many followers do you have on Twitter?  A.  Around 40,000 & most importantly they READ & Respond! Plus several hundred thousand on my Awakened Radio website & podcast.  Your logo with hyperlink will be placed on one page of my website and mentioned during one podcast a few times a month.  These are never taken out & can be heard through my website, ITunes or TuneIn. 

4,  Q,  Do you provide video "reviews" ?   A.  I will record a video of any juice/mod/device sent to me, run it thru networks.

5.  Q.  Do you use other social media?  A.  Yes I have a Facebook Group & account I share about you on too!  As well as Pinterest, Instagram & G+  These are extras I provide just for fun!

6.  Q.  What happens if I offer new products? A. Just let me know. Send a JPG or product if you want me to promote it.

7.  Q.  Can you help me get my juice line in B&M stores?  A.  I can tell them about you, introduce your product to them. 

8.  Q.  Do you teach people how to use Twitter?   A. YES!  If you are interested in private Twitter Class just let me know. 

9.  Q. Do you use other social networks to promote my products?  A.  Yes, I am now including Instagram & Periscope.

Any questions I haven't answered go to the Contact Me page and contact away!