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Brand Ambassador 

Someone who works with your business to market your product in an effective way. 

Vaping Granny promotes your vape business according to the personality of your established marketing, making suggestions for website, social networks and other ideas that help you to grow and Succeed!

Having your own Brand Ambassador on Twitter actually SAVES you money while making you money!

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Social Networking is a must for today's businesses.  Even if you have a brick and mortar, you still need an online presence.  With today's smart technology most people are looking for you on their phones and tables.  If you don't come up in a social network search you will go into the black hole of never found businesses.

This is where I help.  I've been online since 1995 and know my way around.  People know and trust me and pay attention when I recommend a company.  I help vape shops get noticed and develop relationship with the vaping community.  Through the most popular social networks used, I introduce you to the vaping community where you can create a relationship with them, build trust which leads to sales for you.  As The Vaping Granny all ages connect with my vaping message.  I even got an article featuring me recently in the UK.  Read Article

The FDA has a plan, do you? 

With the upcoming FDA regulations it's more important than ever that you get ahead of the crowd with your marketing.  ~ Success is determined by you~

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Vaping Granny


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